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Wifi Camera is a connected camera using wifi as a medium. It connects to the internet automatically and uploads photos to a designated twitter account. My wife would be very happy if I bought her one, but I have been procrastinating so much that now it is too late, she has bought herself one instead.

Why You Need This?

  • It is important to make your home safe. If someone breaks in, they could steal things and hurt you.
  • Parents need to help babies for a lot of the day. When babies fall asleep or concentrate on playing in their nursery, parents also want to get some “me” time with a device which helps them watch over babies.
  • When people go on vacation, they want to make sure their pets are getting enough attention and aren’t getting into trouble. They might miss their pet and want to tell them that they love them or just stop them from messing around.

Best Wifi Camera Under 3000

TP-LINK Tapo Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera

Features Of This Item

  • The camera can turn 360 degrees and tilt up and down 114 degrees.
  • High-definition video will show everything in detail. It is clear and sharp and there is no blur.
  • Advanced Night View: The camera can show light up to 30 feet.
  • You can use micro SD cards up to 128 GB. Motion Detection and Notifications: When you are away from home, you will always be worried about people and things. But when your camera detects motion in the house, it will send you a notification. So if your son is in the kitchen making his lunch in the morning or your pet is messing around in there, you will know right away.
  • Stay with what is most important to you, no matter where you are. Two-Way Audio: You can talk and listen to others with the built-in microphone and speaker. Sound and Light Alarm: If someone is coming, you can trigger the light and sound effects to scare them away.
  • Privacy Mode: You can turn on the privacy mode to shut down the surveillance. Sharing: Forward the videos you want to share through your social networking platforms.

My Opinions After Use –

I have been using this camera for a long time. I use it with Home Assistant and MotionEYE. I have not inserted a SD card and use MotionEYE to record videos directly to my system. The RTSP stream is in full HD 1080p and it is really good. It loads very quickly and the delay is short, just a few microseconds.

I have configured AI Face recognition with this camera so that when someone shows up at my gate, my Google Home Mini will tell me who it is – this works well with this camera.

TP-Link Tapo C100 1080p Full HD Indoor WiFi Spy Security Camera

Features Of This Item

  • The camera records images in crystal clear 1080p definition. It can see up to 30 feet away at night, too. If it sees something, it will tell you.
  • This alarm is loud. It scares people away when it sounds. You can talk to people through the alarm with a microphone and speaker built in.
  • The camera keeps safe footage on a card inside the camera until you take it out of the camera. This is easy to set up and you do not need your computer or laptop to use it, just your phone!

My Opinions After Use –

I have been using these cameras with Home Assistant and MotionEYE. I have not inserted a SD card, but using MotionEYE to directly record videos to my system. The RTSP stream is in full HD 1080p and it is really good. It loads instantly and the delay is only a few microseconds.

I am also using 1080p feed over RTSP and 360p feed on the app so both can be used at the same time. I have configured AI Face recognition to announce whoever is on my gate over my Google Home Mini, which works really well with this camera.

Mi 360° Home Security Camera 1080P

Features Of This Item

  • The camera is good to see at night. It connects wirelessly to your phone and computer. It can store videos on a memory card.
  • The camera is safe for use in any temperature from -10 degrees C to 50 degrees C.
  • The Mi Camera 360° has perfect picture quality. It also captures 20 megapixels with 1080p.
  • The camera is great at catching faraway backgrounds, too! 
  • You can install the camera upside-down if you want to try something new!
  • This is a gadget. This gadget has up to 64GB of storage.

My Opinions After Use –

This camera is the one I like best. It is good at looking and working. The MI app is easy to use, and it records in 1080p video. There is an option for the camera to be upside down when you hang it from the ceiling, and if there’s a power outage, it can connect back to wifi by itself.

You can also save your videos on a micro sd card so they will not get lost if your house gets robbed or something else happens that makes you lose your data (like forgetting where you put your phone).

Motion detection sends you a notification over your phone app in case any movement is found. I was using D3D cam for a while, but the quality and service was not good. After using it for few days at my office, I ordered one for my home too.

If you are buying, just go ahead without losing any time. You will never regret it! One thing that is not good about this product is that it does not rotate itself automatically.

I really like this product. It is beautiful and was made by people in MI. The price is also affordable.

EZVIZ C6N WiFi Indoor Home Smart Security Pan & Tilt Camera

Features Of This Item

  • The camera will move automatically to track the things that are moving.
  • You can use your phone to move it with EZVIZ App.
  • It has a microphone and speaker so you can listen and speak at the same time.
  • The EZVIZ camera has an infrared light on it. This means that in the dark, you can see better.
  • The camera also has a sleep mode to make sure your privacy is protected when you need it.
  • The EZVIZ camera has a built-in MicroSD card slot that can hold up to 256GB of memory.
  • The EZVIZ app is easy to use. You can add your device and then manage it with the app. The app works with iOS and Android, so it will work on your phone.
  • It also connects wirelessly to make setup easy. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too!

My Opinions After Use –

This is the best smart camera. I checked all the features and it passed all of them. It has a superb video quality. Compare this camera to others like MI, TP-Link, Godrej, CP Plus, but this one has one of the best features: it can record with a 256gb memory card.

QUBO Smart Home Security WiFi Camera (Black)

Features Of This Item

  • Qubo Smart Home Security Cameras are designed and made in India.
  • They keep safety in mind because people in India have different needs for homes.
  • Qubo has round-the-clock customer service, so you can get help when you need it. It also has a wide network of people to help with all your concerns including intruders.
  • This camera can work in all kinds of weather. When it is raining, the camera will still work.
  • It also works in a lot of other conditions like dust, snow, and sun. The camera has a good quality so you can see what is happening on the monitor with crystal clear quality.
  • The speaker and microphone are built-in so you can talk back to people who are watching through your monitor as well as hear them as well as they talk to you.
  • Qubo is a camera that you can see in the dark at night. You can check to see if someone is outside your home when it is dark outside.
  • It works with Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a cloud in India for security so you know your private moments are safe from others looking at them.
  • The camera can work in lots of weather. It does not matter if it’s raining, dusty, snowy, or sunny.
  • You can store the data on an SD card with up to 128 GB of storage. The private things that happen inside your home stay private because the company stores the data with AES-128 encryption and it is in India.
  • To use this device, you need a WiFi network with a 2.4Ghz band that is 802.11/b/g/n, and more than a 2Mbps upload speed of greater than -50dBm RSSI strength.

My Opinions After Use –

This product is really good. It has a lot of features that other security systems do not have, like free cloud storage for two months and waterproofing. It is also more expensive than other systems, though it does come with 128 GB memory card storage which should last up to three months.

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